Best Auto Clickers For Windows in 2023

Auto clicker tools are widely popular among gamers. These tools can automate mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.

Automation tools are designed to perform repetitive tasks, allowing users to save energy. These tools are fast and can generate unlimited clicks until they are stopped.

Luckily, there are hundreds of auto-clicker tools that are compatible with Windows. We have put together some of the best ones in the list below. If you need an auto-clicker tool for gaming or other software, you should use these tools.

Here you go with the list:


Starting the list with that is counted as the most popular options among Windows users. It helps users to automate keyboard and mouse clicks to save time and get the work done quickly.

Compared to other auto clickers, has a more colorful and user-friendly interface. It also includes a dark mode option for those who don’t like colors.

This tool is mainly targeted at gamers, but it can also be used by other professionals such as data analysts and developers. It’s the perfect tool for users who are bothered about the appearance of their desktop screen.

It includes dozens of features such as the Click Repeat function. It allows users to generate unlimited clicks until it is stopped manually. It also has three clicking types: double, triple, and single clicks. With the Click Interval function, you can set the duration between two clicks.

2. GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

If you search for the best auto clickers for Windows, GS Auto Clicker is among the first names that will appear on the top. It is a capable auto mouse clicker tool that comes in handy in various situations.

It is a free tool but has zero ads. This is where GS Auto Clicker differs from other auto clicker tools. Given the features and user interface, it makes the best option for beginners. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use the tool.

Unlike other auto clickers, GS Auto Clicker is not difficult to handle. It has a simple setup process and very few hardware requirements. It can easily work with all versions of Windows, except XP.

With the help of this tool, you can automate all three mouse buttons. By pressing a single button, you can perform tasks like shutting down the PC, locking the PC, logging off, and others. It also has a recording and playback feature.

3. OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker

If you are on the lookout for a customizable auto-clicker tool, OP Auto Clicker would be an ideal option for you. It has a large number of customizable options backed by a simple interface.

It is a free, open-source tool with no ads. It has minimum hardware requirements and consumes very less CPU power. You can use this tool without worrying about viruses.

With OP Auto Clicker, you can save the settings from the last session and re-run it later. This saves you from the trouble of re-entering the settings in the future.

It also includes a Start and Stop function for mouse clicks. Once you assign the automation function to a hotkey, you can start and stop it with a single press of a button. It also allows you to pick a hotkey of your choice.

4. Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Free Mouse Auto Clicker

As the name implies, Free Mouse Auto Clicker is free to use. It comes with a straightforward interface that makes the process of automation easy and quick. You can use this tool by clicking on a fixed point on the screen.

One of the notable features is the color block option that allows you to capture color on the screen where you want to generate the click. You can also automate the middle, right, and left buttons on your mouse.

Just so you know this tool is managed by a company called Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker. This tool is compatible with Windows XP, 98, NT4, ME, and 2000. It supports both 64 and 32-bit.

Despite being a free tool, Free Mouse Auto Clicker ensures effective functioning. Whether you are gaming or using any other software, Free Mouse Auto Clicker is suitable for a variety of tasks.

5. Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click

This is another great auto-clicker app to use on a Windows PC. Some of you know it as It is easy-to-use software that allows you to automate clicks.

It has a unique feature that allows users to automate mouse clicks in a group. This feature is useful for heavy users. Auto Mouse Click is capable of handling high volumes of mouse clicks. With the Mouse Click Script option, you can automate mouse clicks into a single script.

The Task Scheduler function comes in handy when scheduling mouse clicks to run at a specified time. Additionally, you can customize a hotkey to adjust the position of the mouse cursor.

Auto Mouse Click is different from other automation tools. It has many unique features that are generally not found in other auto clickers. To get your hands on this tool, you will have to pay a three-month subscription fee of $9.87.

6. Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation

Next up, we have Perfect Automation which is open-source software. It comes with a bunch of useful features that make automation quick and easy. If you want a resourceful auto mouse clicker, this could be the one for you.

Once you install it on your device, you can start the automation process to save time. By automating your clicks, you can spare yourself from repeating the same task again and again.

Perfect Automation is packed with a variety of features. It can be used as a launcher, script editor, mouse, keyboard recorder, or scheduler. All these functions are combined into a single tool.

With the record option, you can record your keystrokes and mouse clicks and run them later. It also allows you to edit the script and change the mouse movements. It is then saved as a script that can be played any time you want.

7. Fast Mouse Clicker

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

If you are looking for the fastest automation tool, Fast Mouse Clicker is the one for you. It is an open-source tool with all the right features that you would want in an auto-clicker tool.

It can generate up to 9999 clicks per second. There are barely any tools that will match the speed of this tool. It is because of this feature that Fast Mouse Clicker is most preferred by gamers.

You can trigger the clicking with the press of a single hotkey. Or you can also use your mouse key. It also allows you to automate all three buttons of a mouse. Additionally, you can set the number of clicks you want.

Fast Mouse Clicker is compatible with all Windows versions. All you have to do is install the tool and start the automation process. It should be noted that the speed of the tool will depend on your computer hardware.


An auto-clicker tool is a must-have for users who often have to repeat the same task. These tools are not only time-saving, but it also makes your work easier. Once you automate your clicks, the tool will perform the task for you. You can use any of these automation tools on your Windows PC.

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